Why is the cleaning of Escalators in Commercial Buildings Important?

As economies prepare to reopen as the COVID-19 pandemic eases, a number of executives are opting for other methodologies and changing their economic structures. Even in these early stages of recovery, a new normal has emerged in the economy.

One of the most important parts of any commercial or business center is the escalators. Escalators are becoming a regular feature in new commercial buildings. They are frequently the favoured method of moving between levels, especially when the alternative is a set of stairwells or a crowded elevator.

Escalators have become an indispensable feature of the current commercial environment. They may be found at airports, hotels, shopping malls, and supermarkets, and they are frequently utilized to make life easier. Because they are used so frequently, escalators have a bad propensity of becoming filthy. Depending on where an escalator is located, it will experience varying degrees of filth, ranging from dirt and dust to debris and food.

Hence, escalators must be serviced regularly by experienced workers, but they must also be cleaned correctly in between servicing. If not, the penalties for those who are guilty can be severe. 

Why is the cleaning of escalators in commercial buildings so important? 

Grime Cleaning

Although it may appear apparent at first, one of the most essential reasons to have your escalators cleaned regularly is to eliminate dirt and grime. Of course, this will make your escalators more appealing, which is necessary if your commercial premises is to remain professional

No facilities manager in charge of a commercial property’s general cleanliness can afford to disregard the significance of this. Escalators, by design, collect dirt from footwear and dump it in certain areas as it accumulates. This can be seen in public realm escalators all over the place, so if you do not want your office building to seem like it is nothing more than an underground station somewhere, investing in high-quality escalator cleaning is essential.

Smooth and Safe Running

When debris is cleaned from the surfaces of escalators, another factor comes into play. Simply said, looks are not everything. When escalators are cleaned, they are more likely to operate more consistently. In other words, commercial facilities that do not have a regular escalator cleaning regimen are more prone to experience failures and defects.

In the worst-case scenario, untidy escalators are unsafe to operate and may even pose a fire danger depending on the type of dirt build-up. As a result, commercial escalator cleaning should be viewed as a facility management investment that will save money on maintenance calls and potential compensation from accidents.

Concerns about Sanitation

Nowadays, office workers are more concerned than ever before with how tidy their workspace is. People who work in large commercial buildings, for understandable reasons, want to know that the surfaces they come into touch with, such as handrails and doorknobs, for instance, have been recently and properly sanitized.

When it comes to escalators, consumers want to know that the handrail belt has been thoroughly cleaned to eradicate bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic that we are presently experiencing.

Only after a thorough cleaning will it be feasible to reassure office workers that they may use the escalators in a building without fear of catching any type of contagious virus, bacteria, or germs. That is why an expert facility management service provider is a necessity for commercial properties. With professionally used ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, as well as manual sanitizations wipe downs, are so crucial when cleaning escalators these days, and why just soap and water is sometimes insufficient to comfort the safety of employees.

With outsourced facility management experts like Ganpathy Manpower, you can easily take care of your commercial buildings and keep the elevators, escalators and even stairwells clean and safe.

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