Why Facility Management is the Best Solution for Commercial Buildings during Covid-19

Commercial buildings need to assess the risk of transmission factor, which is now more important in the context of Covid-19. A strategic facility management partner allows the building management to devote its resources and efforts to ensure continuity during the pandemic.  

Whether it is a showroom or workplace, when it comes to commercial buildings, many firms are now demanding optimization of the space. They are also wishing to have cost-efficient and effective facilities management

In the times of the Covid-19 pandemicfacility management service is the solution that is much more appreciated. With a better understanding of the infection, commercial buildings are gradually moving towards adopting the new normal.  

To fully adhere to the government’s safety and hygiene regulationsfacility management services can offer a holistic solution to maintain the property while keeping the cost in mind. The residing organization needs to make their employees feel safe and protected as they return to work. 

It is essential for commercial buildings to realize that integrated facility management provides some of the best maintenance solutions. Here are some of them:

Make all the Touchpoints Contactless

One of the major factors in the spread of coronavirus is Touch. The entry and exit areas of the commercial buildings require some attention such as the digital entry system. Even in washrooms, sensor-based hand-wash dispensers, taps, and sanitizers as well as tissue dispensers and thermal drying can help minimize human contact

Property Maintenance Activities   

Especially, now with the pandemic, maintenance services such as cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization, etc. should be run well and to do so facility management is the best way to make sure that these activities are followed. More intense housekeeping measures such as cleaning the surfaces multiple times daily that comprises of doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails, etc. Disinfection on all the heavy contact surfaces is needed in commercial buildings. 

Being certain that there are sanitizers installed and reminding signs for the occupants to sanitize as well as educating them on the effective ways to prevent against the Covid-19 throughout the facility. It is important to make sure that HVAC units and air intake filters are maintained and serviced from time to time. Engaging a facility management company helps you to ensure that the measures against coronavirus are followed in the most efficient manner possible. 

Organizing Inventory Audits

The virus has surely affected the supply chain distributions, therefore necessitating the requirement for intelligent management of inventory.  Audit inventory and intelligent management solution to come up with the threshold numbers for each item. To enable a simple asset location tracking for maintenance and restocking of cleaning materials these solutions are needed. 

Health and Wellness Infrastructural Methods   

Smart facility management services use infrastructural refurbishing to promote health and wellness. Places such as the workplace, washroom, cafeteria, and kitchen support and follow social distancing. Fittings like sneeze guard between the desks to safeguard occupants. 

Hence, having facility management services for commercial buildings will help embrace the safety measures and avoid the transition of Covid-19. For the well-being of the occupants and the visitors, it is essential to enforce accurate facility management solutions for commercial buildings.  

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