How to Maintain Elevators Hygiene and Security during Covid

Elevators are an integral part of any building. In today’s time, there are hardly any buildings that do not have elevators. In the wakes of Covid-19 practicing safety precautions as well as investing in the elevator technologies is essential to avoid the spread of the virus.

What happens, when the elevator door opens and someone is already inside? So, in this case, do you wait for the next elevator or just use the same one. With the Covid pandemic on a spread, there are major chances that it cab transmitted via elevators.

How to use lifts during Covid?

As people transit back to normal routines, lifts or elevators are the easiest way to access offices and residential buildings. But is it safe to use the elevator, to ensure that people should be aware as well as practice elevator hygiene and security rules?

Elevators are close quarters and too compound, there are millions of people who use them on an everyday basis, which means it is a set place for virus spread. Therefore, not only facility management should install necessary guidelines and measures to ensure the elevator is safe but also, should ensure that the elevator users are aware of the rules and maintain social distance in the lift

While using the lift you should know how to maintain personal hygiene as well as safety inside. Here are some of the rules that should be implemented and followed:

Restrict the Passenger Limit

Follow the guidelines of social distancing as issued by public health institutions and government. Put a limit on the number of passengers in the elevators that is, if the usual capacity of the elevator is 7 to 8 PAX, restrict it to 3 to 4 PAX. It can be hard to micromanage and implement this rule, but you can put visible warning marks to restrict the passengers using the lift as well as take stairs warning. 

Toothpick Inside and at the Elevator Lobby

One of the simplest steps to follow is to stick a thermocol piece inside and outside the elevators. Fix toothpicks on the thermocol piece. The only purpose of doing so is passengers using the lift should not touch the elevator buttons themselves. A small bin can be put in order to throw the used toothpicks.

Face the Wall and Wear Mask

You must keep your mask on as you travel in the elevator. As there are chances that the virus may be in the air. In case more people are getting in, the best thing you can do is face the elevator walls. This can avoid contact with others.

Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers 

Hand sanitizer dispensers should be installed by the facility management in the lobby area as well as at the elevator entrance. Ensure that employees and residents make use of the sanitizer before touching the elevator button as they are the most touched. Make sure that frequent disinfection of the elevators is done by the facility management, to maintain the lift hygiene as well as the safety of the users. So ensure that anyone who uses the elevator sanitizes themselves before and after using it.

Label the Area

Along with the elevator rules and signs, to ensure the restriction on the passengers and cleanliness, make marks and entitle the areas in the elevator to ensure proper social distancing. Using the marked area to stand can prevent the virus from spreading.

Time Limitation

Other than limiting the capacity of the passengers using lifts, facility management can have a time limitation on the use of elevators to avoid traffic jams during the opening or start hours. 

Hence, enforce these rules by the facility management and make sure that while people are getting back to normal, they adopt this new normal in their routine and protect themselves from getting infected.

Secure your elevator and lobby area, by making proper rules and enforcing facility management professionals to take care of your property. 

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