How Your Building Lobby Or Passage Should Look Post-Covid

Are you ready for the new normal? With the guidelines from health officials and governments to reopen the economy, various organizations that were partly, or completely closed are now reopening their doors.

It will be the same as you left, there were be additional safety measures to your business taken in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus at your office. It is not only your office premises that require safety but also the building entrances and passages.

So, the lobby area being the entrance to most of the commercial as well as corporate office buildings that have maximum numbers of passers and visitors; are office buildings safe in this pandemic situation. The lobby or passages are the places where you cannot restrict people and single out as key ground for COVID-19 breeding

With a large number of people coming and going, as well as shared entry and exit points, lobbies are where germ transfer between the people is most likely to happen. The business leaders are taking this seriously and planning to make the facility safe from the pathogen to spread.

While the businesses reopen, based on the number of employees and foot traffic from the adjacent market and visitors the facility serves special precautions are to be followed. Though the basic design followed by businesses are social distancinghealth and screening verification, capacity management, touchless entry, and remote management are provisional remedies.

The prerequisite discussion on the building lobbies is to have proper facility management to avoid the spread. Maintaining proper sanitation in all the areas of the building. A touch-free design, as well as air purifiers, can improve workplace wellness.

Whether your facility is large or small, in these critical situations of the pandemic it is necessary for all the property keepers to take proper precautions for the safety of people visiting and owning the facility. Accurate measures taken, will only make your facility well functioned and non-toxic for everyone.

If you are in a split that it is easy to say then done, as it is quite a tough task to maintain a building. You don’t have to worry, Ganpathy Manpower is here to help in all your endeavors to keep your building’s lobby or passages safe from the COVID-19 virus, as you resume your work post lockdown. 

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